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Management company

The ManCo Services

Pharus Management Lux SA is an independent Asset Manager who provides third-party Management Company (ManCo) services both to UCITS and AIF Funds. With a strong expertise in Private Labelling, we support client such as: Investment Managers, Financial Advisor, Family Offices, Institutions, High Net Worth Individual (HNWI), to set-up their investment vehicle launching or a stand-alone SICAV or a new Sub-Fund into an existing Sicav.

Which Investment Vehicle?

Pharus ManCo helps in choosing the suitable investment vehicles. Commonly, the 3 different types of Investment Funds in Luxembourg are:


Specialized Investment Funds (SIF) can invest in all types of assets, which is limited to well-informed investors. SIFs with an EU AIFM can be marketed across the EU.


Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) are Investment Funds that invest in liquid assets and can be distributed publicly to retail investors across the EU.


Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (RAIF) can invest in all types of assets, are limited to well informed investors and are not subject to CSSF approval. RAIFs with an EU AIFM can be marketed across the EU.

Portfolio Management

We offer portfolio management with an open architecture. This means that we can manage your portfolio with our in-house portfolio managers team (with the support of advisors, if necessary), or we can delegate the management activity to authorized third party portfolio managers. In both cases, portfolio management remains under the supervision and responsibility of the ManCo.

With highly qualified experience in asset management and financial markets, our team of portfolio managers will assist you in setting up an optimal investment strategy.

Portfolio Management

Risk & Compliance

Our Risk and Compliance department ensures that all risks to which managed vehicles may be exposed are identified, measured and properly managed.

The department includes financial risk management, operational risk management, investment compliance, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering monitoring and reporting.

Risk & Compliance

Corporate Services

We provide corporate services to the Fund's Board of Directors by assisting the directors in their day-to-day activities. These activities include the organization of Board meetings, preparation of Board records and minutes of meetings.

We also assist the Boards of Directors in their decision-making processes regarding the Fund, the auditors and the Luxembourg regulator.

Corporate Services


Depending on your strategy, we ensure the establishment of an adequate and strong distribution network with our distribution partners or new ones. Considering your needs and requirements, we also provide additional commercial support on request (such as share listing, foreign distribution, digital marketing, factsheets).

We streamline access to Fund platforms and help you to meet regulatory requirements and reduce legal fees. We provide regulatory oversight to facilitate the distribution of the Fund in a fast and flexible manner


Fund Administration
& Custodian Banks

We cultivate a strong relationship with our delegated service providers such as Domiciliary Agent, Administrative Agent, Accounting and Transfer Agent.

We constantly monitor their activity to ensure the adequacy and the quality of the services provided to the Fund. Custodian Banks are also included in the scope of our supervisory model

Fund Administration & Custodian Banks

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