Pharus Management Lux SA is an Independent Third Party Management Company (ManCo) with a strong expertise in providing Private Labelling solutions for:

  • Investment Managers
  • Advisors
  • Family Offices
  • Institutions
  • High Net Worth Individual (HNWI)

Seeking to establish an owned UCITS or AIF Fund.

The Expertise

We provide one-stop-shop solutions to set up and manage:

  • Custom stand alone Investment vehicles
  • Custom sub-funds in existing Investment vehicles

Always focusing on:

A tailor-made approach
The tailor-made approach is our strongest value. The indispensable Fund market knowledge is held in-house. All the services provided to the fund, such as legal support, Risk management & Compliance, Portfolio management and Corporate services are insourced, allowing flexibility and development of a direct advisory relationship with the customer.
Independent and long-term Investment solutions
The full independency allows a faster decision-making and a high degree of customization, based on individual needs of each customer, thus ensuring long-term strategies and long-lasting partnerships with customers.
A trustworthy and loyal business partner
Integrity, trust, transparency and commitment are the cornerstones of our organization. We support our customers throughout their journey, taking into consideration their evolving demands, in order to capitalise on their requests and needs.

The Process

Establishing a Private Label Fund means to provide full support through all the steps.

the process

The integrated business model enables the entire value chain to be delivered from a single source. We take care of the project management during the implementation of the Fund and ensure a wide range of services.

Additional Services

Portfolio Management:

We provide portfolio management services through an open architecture approach. This means either directly with our Luxembourg based portfolio management team, with the support of Advisors, if requested; or indirectly via delegation of the activity to external third-party Portfolio Managers within the Pharus Group; in both case it always remains under supervision and responsibility of the ManCo.

Risk & Compliance:

The Risk & Compliance Department ensures the correct identification, measurement and management of all the risks to which the managed vehicles can be exposed.
The service includes:

  • Financial Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Investment Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • AML oversight


The internal team of lawyers can provide the expertise needed to structure the Fund, prepare legal documentation and manage the filling procedure with the regulator, to obtain the authorization. We offer complete assistance throughout the life cycle of the Fund and support the Board of Directors of the Fund in their activities by providing additional facilities to Directors.

Corporate Services:

Providing facilities to the Board of Directors of the Fund, such as organising Board of Directors’ meetings, preparing board-packs and meeting minutes. We assist the Boards in decision-making activities related to the Fund, Auditors and Luxembourg Regulatory Authorities.


We offer support in the set-up of an adequate and solid distribution network through our distribution partners. Taking in consideration the customers’ needs and requirements, we also provide additional sales support (such as listing, distribution abroad, digital marketing). In this context the oversight on the appointed Distributors is also assured, and listing share classes services is also provided upon request.

Fund Accounting & Administration:

We supervise administrative & accounting services carried out by agents on behalf of collective investment vehicles.

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