Pharus Sicav Basic Fund

Class A
ISIN: LU0082941195
Category: EUR Flexible Allocation
Key Information
Net Asset Value198,34 EUR
Fund Size29.822.926 EUR
Launch Date20 gen 2005
Key Information
Management information
Investment ManagerPharus Asset Management SA
Key Information
Investment objective
Pharus Sicav Basic Fund is a flexible fund that aims to offer capital growth through dynamic exposure to markets - mainly equity - in the Euro area. The focus is on identifying market niches whose value is still unexpressed, and in particular in the search of individual stories that have not yet valued growth in their stock market prices, of which the Italian market in particular is rich. The investment limits across all asset classes are very broad, but equity selection, global equity weighting and sectors, and most importantly individual stock selection, are the main sources of performance. Active management and the consequent ability to vary the portfolio composition have allowed the fund to demonstrate resilience over the years, currently boasting a track record of over 15 years.
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Manager comment
Manager comment
During the month of April 2024, the BASIC Fund performed +0.43%, showing the first signs of relative strength against the market. Several signs based on macro analysis and small-cap fundamentals, following the reporting season, continue to fuel our belief that the valuation bottom of the companies that make up the sector has been touched, and there could be a renewed start to a strong recovery as markets are showing renewed interest in small-caps.

Last updated on 28.05.2024

* No coverage or derivatives are included
* No coverage or derivatives are included
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