Pharus Sicav Basic Fund

Class A
ISIN: LU0082941195
Category: EUR Flexible Allocation
Key Information
Net Asset Value210,66 EUR
Fund Size38.472.744 EUR
Launch Date20 gen 2005
Key Information
Management information
Investment ManagerPharus Asset Management SA
Key Information
Investment objective
Pharus Sicav Basic Fund is a flexible fund which aims at offering capital growth through dynamic exposure to markets, mainly equity, in the Euro area. The investment limits in all asset classes (equity, bond, conv bond) are very broad, but the stock choices, the global equity weight and sectors, and above all the selection of individual stocks, represent the main performance source. Active management and the consequent ability to vary the portfolio allocation have allowed the fund to demonstrate resilience over the years, boasting a track record of over 15 years to date. Being a flexible fund, it has no benchmark.
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Risk & reward profile

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Manager comment
Manager comment
We believe the best asset class to invest in is still equity. And we still believe that the choice of individual stocks can have a greater advantage than a passive allocation. Satisfied with the companies in our portfolio, we continue to monitor existing stocks and look for new opportunities.

Last updated on 24.05.2022

* No coverage or derivatives are included
* No coverage or derivatives are included
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