Innovative strategies for unconventional investment funds.

Pharus Asset Management SA

Experience gained over many years and an in-depth knowledge of the financial market are key to Pharus’ mission: to break the mould by offering services that exceed expectations.

A customised service.

Mutual fund management, investment advice and representation are the services offered to institutional clients.

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A journey with the client.

Working with clients to build financial planning and asset allocation around their real needs.

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A solution for every need.

A wide range of sub-funds to meet the different investment needs of our clients.

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A digital culture

A digital culture
The knowledge and experience of the past projected into the future.

Digitalisation supporting human intelligence. At Pharus, every process, every activity, is an opportunity to collect information and data, process and optimise it with the aim of being a constant presence with customised services and quality content, which provide real added value in understanding the financial market.

Asset Managers per passione.

Asset Managers per passione.

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31 March

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The Pharus team is pleased to inform you that on 16 February 2022, for...

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