Pharus is an independent asset management company whose mission is to create niche solutions in an overcrowded market that truly meet the needs of its clients, exceeding their expectations in terms of performance and management.

Institutional Asset Management

Since 2007 Pharus Asset Management SA has been authorised by FINMA under the LICol to act as asset manager of foreign collective investment schemes.
The management strategy and investment decisions are determined on the basis of the limits defined in the fund prospectus and the relevant law. Institutional asset management is therefore the service dedicated to fund management and breaks down into:

  • Management of UCITS, Swiss ICC, AIFM and Swiss pension funds
  • Risk management activities
  • Research and quantitative analysis
  • Investment strategies
  • Implementation of investments
  • Investment support for third-party consultancy firms
  • Daily monitoring of portfolios

Advisory Services

We offer advisory services to third-party institutional entities, to whom we provide our specialist analysis and management expertise to support them in their investment decisions. Experience and direct knowledge of the market, combined with total independence, are a guarantee of providing a high level of service.

Representative Services

As the Representative of foreign collective investment schemes, we are authorised to represent the investment itself to Swiss investors and FINMA. We therefore act as a reference point for the latter two parties, providing a point of reference for obtaining information and documentation.

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