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Asset Management

Institutional Asset Management

Since 2007, Pharus Asset Management SA has been authorised by FINMA, in accordance with LiCol, to act as an asset manager for foreign collective investment schemes. The management strategy and investment decisions are determined on the basis of the limits defined in the fund prospectus and the relevant law, using the specialist skills of the in-house management team.


Management of UCITS funds, Swiss CISs (Collective Investment Schemes), AIFM (Alternative Investment Funds) and Swiss pension funds.

Risk management

Strategies and activities aimed at reducing negative impacts on portfolios and maximising fund returns.

Quantitative analysis

Instrument selection and technical analysis of the financial market is also supported by proprietary quantitative data and algorithms.

Investment strategy

Based strictly on sound investment processes.

Investment implementation

Principles of diversification and risk management underpin asset allocation.

Investment support

Active engagement of the management team in communication about financial markets and products.


Daily monitoring of the portfolio, risks and investment decisions.

Investment advice

We offer advisory services to third party institutions, to whom we provide our specialist skills in technical analysis of financial markets and asset management in order to support them in their investment decisions.

Our approach is customised, integrated and digitalised, and enables full reporting on market trends and detailed analyses of performance, including through direct liaison with managers.

Investment advice

Representation services

As a representative of foreign collective investment schemes, we are authorised to represent investments vis-à-vis Swiss investors and FINMA. We therefore act as a point of contact for the latter two entities, providing a point of reference for obtaining information and documentation.

Representation services
Asset Managers for passion.

Asset Managers for passion.

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