Wealth Management
Financial planning and asset allocation built around the real needs of our clients.
Wealth Management

The service

Through discretionary asset management mandates, we offer financial planning and asset allocation services based on clients' needs and objectives, asset characteristics, investment portfolio breakdown and personal management preferences.

The steps

Customised strategies, individual or consolidated, that ensure that capital is invested as intended.

Strategic analysis

Accurate assessment of stock market, economic and political developments.


Timely and objective analysis of clients’ needs and expectations.

Investment strategy

Customised asset allocation to ensure that the capital is invested as intended.


Constant monitoring of the portfolio to ensure that the strategy is always consistent, regardless of the financial market.

On-demand services

Thanks to the support of external professionals and at the client's request, in addition to its various wealth management activities,
Pharus is also able to offer family office services such as:

Insurance Policies

Selection of insurance policies that provide greater protection against risks, not only as regards financial planning, but also for maintaining current lifestyle.

Succession Planning and Generational Transition

Supporting clients and families with succession planning, generational transition and asset preservation.

Legal and Tax Assistance

Efficiency and convenience through contacts in different jurisdictions enable us to seek robust solutions and address multidimensional situations.

Asset Managers per passione.

Asset Managers per passione.

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