A range of innovative solutions to meet all investment needs.

Pharus Milan

Pharus Milano is the Italian branch of Pharus Management Lux SA, a Management Company under Luxembourg law.
Established in 2020, it offers institutional asset management services characterised by unique, innovative and highly integrated methodologies.

A quality service

Investment and financial management expertise to develop disciplined, cutting-edge strategies.

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For every need

Each investment strategy becomes an integrated journey to be embarked together with both professional and institutional clients.

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Direct access to expertise

Our clients benefit from our experience gained in the direct management of mutual funds.

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A culture of excellence

Pharus Sicav's experience has led to the creation of five investment models, each characterised by its own asset allocation and volatility, but all sharing the same core principles.

A culture of excellence
Risk management

Volatility as an objective in portfolio construction choices, for greater stability and predictability.


Maximum diversification through a portfolio with a simultaneous multi asset and multi-style approach.


Use of alternative strategy products as the key to decorrelation from financial markets.

Method and discipline

Consistency of principles for a disciplined, rational and repeatable portfolio construction process.

Un team internazionale ed eterogeneo

Un team internazionale ed eterogeneo.

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