Pharus Sicav Target

Class AD
ISIN: LU0746320414
Category: Global Flexible Bond - EUR Hed
Key Information
Net Asset Value51,43 EUR
Fund Size33.952.433 EUR
Launch Date21 feb 2012
Key Information
Management information
Investment ManagerPharus Asset Management SA
Key Information
Investment objective
The fund's objective is to ensure a high coupon flow by investing in a highly diversified portfolio, both in terms of issuers and geographical areas, of fixed income securities, mainly selecting high yield bonds with an average rating BB-. The fund is managed by a team with a consolidated experience in investment management and with a solid and rigorous investment process based on a Quantamental approach, aimed at optimizing the risk-return ratio, which, since the fund’s launch, has always guaranteed the distribution of a high annual coupon.
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Risk & reward profile

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Manager comment
Manager comment
During the month of February, Pharus Target posted a negative performance of -0.37%.
On the interest rate front, we observed a marked widening on both the US and European curves, due to better-than-expected inflation data that are pushing the estimated terminal rate higher. On the credit spread front we observed good overall resilience across all areas of the High Yield world, supported by macro data that continue to show a healthy state of the economy.
Our focus continues to be on the developed markets, Europe and America, where we are identifying interesting opportunities particularly in the world of banking financials and industrials. The fund now has a hedged yield of 7.8% with a duration of 4 and a BB weighted average rating. We will continue to fully hedge currency risk.

Last updated on 28.03.2023

*Performance is shown with gross income reinvested, based on net asset value and does not include the effect of any initial or exit charges.
* No coverage or derivatives are included
* No coverage or derivatives are included
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