Pharus Sicav Trend Player

Class A
ISIN: LU1253867508
Category: EUR Flexible Allocation - Glob
Key Information
Net Asset Value148,52 EUR
Fund Size39.527.420 EUR
Launch Date15 lug 2016
Key Information
Management information
SicavPharus Sicav
Management CompanyPharus Management Lux SA
Investment ManagerPharus Asset Management SA
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Investment objective
Pharus Sicav Trend Player aims to achieve capital growth in the medium-long term by applying evolutionary strategies capable of capturing changes. In fact, it recognizes and interprets market momentums and capitalizes on their signals by identifying potential industry trends and selecting individual stories through a bottom-up analysis that considers valuations, competitive advantages, sentiment analysis and company fundamentals. The fund currently focuses mainly on sectors such as Technology, which has earnings growths that are 3 times higher than the market, Electric Mobility, characterized by double margins compared to traditional cars, and Telemedicine. The portfolio is generally balanced across both equity and bond positions.
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Manager comment
Manager comment
February was slightly positive for the fund, despite inflation data coming out worse than expected; In fact, ten-year government bonds lost nearly 3%. This means that the added value was originated by the equity side and the stock picking. We continue to maintain the same asset allocation and continue our sectoral and thematic top-down policy and bottom up to equity investments.

Last updated on 28.03.2023

* No coverage or derivatives are included
* No coverage or derivatives are included
Top Ten Holding
Tesla Inc 5.16 %
Apple Inc 4.35 %
Alphabet Inc-cl A 4.28 %
Nvidia Corp 3.99 %
Us Treasury N/b 2.125% 30.09.24 3.8 %
Microsoft Corp 3.09 % Inc 2.81 %
Palo Alto Networks Inc 2.8 %
Facebook Inc-class A 2.78 % Inc 2.1 %
Top Ten Holding
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