Pharus Sicav Target

Class AH - CHF
ISIN: LU1582233844
Category: Global Flexible Bond - EUR Hed
Key Information
Net Asset Value75,07 CHF
Fund Size47.249.544 CHF
Launch Date27 mar 2017
Key Information
Management information
Investment ManagerPharus Asset Management SA
Key Information
Investment objective
The fund's objective is to ensure a high coupon flow by investing in a highly diversified portfolio, both in terms of issuers and geographical areas, of fixed income securities, mainly selecting high yield bonds with an average rating BB-. The fund is managed by a team with a consolidated experience in investment management and with a solid and rigorous investment process based on a Quantamental approach, aimed at optimizing the risk-return ratio, which, since the fund’s launch, has always guaranteed the distribution of a high annual coupon.
Key Information

Risk & reward profile

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Manager comment
Manager comment
The fund recorded a positive performance of +1.86% in July.
The performance was mainly driven by the marked lowering of European and American rates and a tightening of Investment Grade and High Yield Spreads.
We maintain a diversified allocation across three geographic areas, Europe, the U.S. and Emerging Countries.
Operationally, we have continued to identify investment opportunities in the secondary market especially in Europe and the US. We note significantly lower volumes in the primary market than in 2020 and 2021, as the current macroeconomic environment would allow companies to renegotiate debt on less favorable terms. The portfolio's hedged yield is now about 5.5 percent with Duration 4.3 years and Average Rating BB.
We maintain full hedging against all currencies.

Last updated on 11.08.2022

*Performance is shown with gross income reinvested, based on net asset value and does not include the effect of any initial or exit charges.
* No coverage or derivatives are included
* No coverage or derivatives are included
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