Pharus Management Lux SA awarded by Global Brands Magazine

Pharus Management Lux SA awarded by Global Brands Magazine

April 28th, 2021


We are delighted to announce that Pharus Management Lux SA has been awarded by Global Brands Magazine for the year 2021 as the “Most Innovative Asset Management Brand, Luxembourg” and the “Best Independent Asset Management Brand, Luxembourg” in the Investment Awards Category.

Global Brands Magazine announces a list of winners every year, which is a part of their outreach campaign to identify & recognize the significance of exceptional service delivery & reward the performance with the ultimate global recognition. The evaluation was performed over 7000 companies. These awards are based on the merit and achievements of the company taking into account a wide range of criteria.

Luigi Vitelli, CEO & Managing Director comments: “We have recorded a significant increase of AUM since 2017, with a strong commitment and willingness to embrace our values. The year 2020 has confirmed that our business model based on the insourcing of key investment fund functions is in high demand, allowing us to provide our clients with tailor-made services. Hence, the quality of our value chain is improved.
Being an Independent Group, is a real competitive advantage that allows us to be quicker and efficient in terms of decision-making. Working with an Entrepreneurship approach, we are in constant evolution, which calls for creativity and innovation in the services delivered. 
In this context, the two criteria of independence and innovation are closely linked in our Company. Receiving these two awards, "Most Innovative Asset Management Brand" and "Best Independent Asset Management Brand" was a great achievement for our Company and it motivates us to move forward in the same direction.

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