Pharus Sicav Trend Player wins the Alto Rendimento Award by Il Sole 24 Ore

Pharus Sicav Trend Player wins the Alto Rendimento Award by Il Sole 24 Ore

Pharus Sicav Trend Player, the Luxembourg-based Fund managed by Pharus Asset Management SA, Swiss Investment Manager, has been awarded by Il Sole 24 Ore with the Alto Rendimento Award as Best Fund in the Equity-Oriented Balanced category for the second consecutive year.

Pharus Sicav Trend Player is a balanced Fund that aims at achieving capital growth by capturing the medium-long term trends of the financial markets. The strategy is characterized by the right balance between equity and fixed income, with particular attention to assets that show added value.
The fund closed 2020 with an annual performance of + 31.67% and continued its positive trend also during the first months of 2021, reaching + 44.74% at 1 year.

The fund management team comments: “The decline in the markets in February-March created opportunities to allocate stocks with higher added value, which allowed the fund to take advantage when markets recovered.
The right balance between equity focused on technology companies with high innovative capabilities and fixed income has therefore proved to be still winning, exploiting the returns potential by mitigating volatility where necessary.

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