Pharus Sicav Target has detached its ninth coupon

Pharus Sicav Target has detached its ninth coupon

The Pharus team is pleased to inform you that on 16 February 2021, for the ninth consecutive year the dividend of the Pharus Sicav Target sub-fund has been distributed, equal to

The payment date will be February 19, 2021 for all classes.

Pharus Sicav Target even this year has achieved its goal of ensuring a high coupon flow investing in the various bond asset classes, mainly corporate High Yield, despite the delicate period experienced by the financial market.

This result was achieved thanks to the high quality of the assets within the portfolio - currently the average rating of the fund is kept at BB + -, to the adequate risk/return level aimed at safeguarding the interests of investors and to the high diversification, both sectorial and geographical.

Considering the environment of mostly negative interest rates around the world, the fund once again hit the target.

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